GTINI Castlewellan 2015

GTINI know how to put on a good show. There longest running show, Castlewellan is by far their best. It’s chilled and the atmosphere is perfect. Theres burgers and car limbo so whats not to like?

castlewellan 2015 (16).jpg

The Mk3 golfs were out in force at the show.

castlewellan 2015 (253).jpg

Another great example is this home built Mk3.

castlewellan 2015 (68).jpg

Golf fronted Jetta anyone? Is it a Gotta? A Jolf? Don’t know but I do know that its awesome.

castlewellan 2015 (240).jpg

Clarks Golf never fails to impress.

castlewellan 2015 (277).jpg

Limbo had to be the highlight of the show though. Click the link below for some more photos.

Click Here

Photos/Words – Cameron Hughes


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