Dubshed 2016

Dubshed 2016.. The first and biggest indoor show in Northern Ireland and not one to be missed. This year was the first year we had went for the full weekend. Two days full of cars what could be better than that? Now held at the Eikon centre there were 2 halls and a big outdoor display on offer. Every year it gets better and this year was no exception.

Onto the cars then..

dubshed day 1 (10).jpg

My personal car of the show had to be Darren Pirie’s Estoril blue mk5. This car is stunning. Though the best part has to be the interior.

dubshed day 1 (187).jpg

The fully retrimmed interior my Optimus Automotive Trimmers is something else. Not one detail left untouched.

dubshed day 1 (314)

This year Ilovebass had their own hall which was filled with anything Jap.

dubshed day 1 (288).jpg

Natasha Walkers beetle, bagged by Design RMC was lovely another one of my favourites.

dubshed day 2 (15).jpg

Outside there was some nice cars too including Mark Pypers polo.

dubshed day 1 (294).jpg

Connor’s home built mk3 has set the bar high for home builds.

dubshed day 1 (191).jpg

GTINI pulled it off yet again with Dubshed 2016 being a huge success. We will be back next year for sure. A full gallery can be found on my Flickr on the link below.

Click Here

Photos/words – Cameron Hughes


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