GTINI Castlewellan

What’s my favourite show of the year? GTINI Castlewellan. One of 3 GTINI Shows that take place each year and by far the most chilled out of them all. Saturday morning came and after a nice drive and a double sausage egg Mcmuffin meal we made it to Castlewellan forest park. Parked up and cleaned (then it rained) we sat and watched the cars come in. It is a VAG show but the top corner is always full of non vags which gives a bit of variety to the show.


The display of Audi Quattros was impressive, was nice to see so many of them out.


This mk1 Golf was my car of show.. It was perfect and took home a well deserved top 10.


Static mk7 golf R anyone??


One of the non Vags was Clarks Mini which was on the Ilovebass stand.


It wouldn’t be Castlewellan without the car limbo, were people pile into cars and dig up the ground.


Full gallery of photos are on the link below.

Click Here

Photos/words – Cameron Hughes


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